Athletics plan achievable, realistic goal for university

Kernel Editorial Board

Setting goals seems to have become a trend at UK since President Lee Todd instilled his top-20 plan. UK athletics has followed suit with the implementation of its 15 by 15 by 15 plan.

The plan was implemented two years ago by UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart. The plan’s mission is to see UK athletics win 15 conference and national championships, as well as rank in the top 15 of the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup rankings, all by the year 2015.

When the plan was put in place, it allowed UK athletics seven years to achieve the goal. In just two years UK has brought home four championships, thanks to the UK rifle team and the UK men’s basketball team, putting UK at the needed pace to achieve 15 championships by 2015.

While that aspect of the goal shows promise, the bar is set relatively high with regards to reaching a ranking in the top 15. UK athletics has never been ranked higher than 15th by the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup.

However, Barnhart’s plan shows an initiative to not become complacent with past finishes. By aiming to achieve a higher level of success, he has set a standard to which each of the individual programs within UK athletics can strive to achieve.

In an April 11 Kernel article, Barnhart acknowledge the strides made by the programs so far.

“… it means our coaches and athletes have really done some special things so far this year,” Barnhart said.

Striving for improvement should always be applauded, especially through the means of implementing reachable goals.

Whether or not the top-20 plan is reachable remains to be seen, although, many would argue its intention is admirable. On the other hand, strides have already been made toward the 15 by 15 by 15 plan and have already proven it to be a realistic goal.