Facebook takes UK ‘Places’



By Gary Hermann

When students are on campus, the whole world can now know.

UK is now connected to Facebook Places, a new application that allows users to easily share where and what they’re doing, as well as the friends they’re doing the activity with.

Places users can find friends using the application who are in their same area. According to Facebook, users can check in and the update will appear on the Place page, friends’ news feed and users’ wall.

“Our students live on Facebook, we know that,” said Bozeman. “Students ‘checking in’ at various events and locations on campus also allows their friends at home to see what is going on at UK and may peak their interest in attending our university.”

“College students are immersed in technology – using it to interact, connect, learn and share their ‘see blue.’ experience,” said UK President Lee Todd, Jr.

“Actually, it’s pretty awesome,” mathematics freshman Timmy McNiff said. “If I’m in Whitehall and a friend is here, after class we can meet up.”

While McNiff finds it useful, others see Facebook Places as a double-edged sword.

“If you’re trying to avoid somebody, this new app makes it harder to do so,” secondary education freshman Jeffrey Barnett said.

Although Barnett worried about the application’s privacy, Bozeman said there is nothing to fret over.

“There is a micro web to talk about privacy issues and share the right way to use the website,” she said.

The address for the site is uky.edu/facebook.

To encourage its use, seeblue.com-branded “Places” icons are featured outside the most frequented locations on campus.

“We are encouraging students to share where they are on campus throughout the day when they are in class or going to campus events. This helps them connect with one another,” Bozeman said.