Uncommon coffee competes



by Geoffrey Giancarlo

When most students think of coffee shops, one word is unavoidable: Starbucks. The half-caff-mocha-latté-with-cream-and-sprinkles producer dominates the market and is even included on the flex portion of UK meal plans. A nearby, good quality alternative is tough to come by.

Enter Superlative Coffee, a new coffee house and roastery located at 116 Mechanic Street (near Third Street Stuff and Gratz Park). Superlative enters the coffee house market with local favorites like Common Grounds and Coffea.

Jenny Super was in business management for 25 years before she decided to go into business for herself. Superlative Coffee is her first venture, and she hopes to provide “something different” for the local college students.

“It’s premium coffee at a premium price,” Super said. “But great coffee makes for better school.” Rather than branch out to other common areas of bakery fare like muffins, bagels or scones, Superlative focuses on coffee.

The coffee is fair trade and organic and is always fresh roasted. Super roasts the coffee soon after it comes in to maintain her commitment to freshness. Superlative specializes in four different blends: Original Roast, Special Dark Roast, Signature Blend and Delicious Decaf. The Signature Blend mixes beans from South America, Africa and Sumatra. Each of these blends comes in 12 ounce bags for $10.

While it has been having its “soft opening” for a few months, Superlative Coffee has its official grand opening this Saturday, along with a “Sip n’ Savour” promotional event. Jenny Super says she will be at The Farmer’s Market every Saturday with samples and her different blends. Superlative Coffee is open from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.