Food & More, Right to Your Door

By Kendall Smith

Whether you live on south campus or north campus, shopping for groceries can often be inconvenient at best and frustrating at worst. Sure, Blazer Express and Commons Market go a long way in providing a lot of your basic grocery needs, but sometimes a trip to the local grocery store is necessary.

Thankfully, has come up with an idea to alleviate many of your shopping inconveniences.

Started by Chris Sammons, provides a grocery delivery service for college students and young professionals all across the country.

“I went to UK and lived in the dorms,” Sammons said. “It all started there. I was in Kirwan 3 and they had that grocery store down there, but everything was overpriced.”

The idea for Dormzy had been mulling around in Sammons’ head for a while before he finally put it into action.

“I worked for a Fortune 500 company and wasn’t happy with what I was doing, so I started the website,” Sammons said. “ Corporate America wasn’ t for me and I had my own idea for a business and I ran with it.”

The website operates much like any online store. You are required to register, but after that, you just need to click “shop” and browse through the categories, adding whatever items you need to your cart. Then you simply click “checkout” and wait for the items to arrive at your door.

“This is like an awesome revolution,” said UK graduate student in the College of Public Health, Santhi Chilukuri. “Their list is so broad and diverse. I hate going to the grocery store, and this could mean not ever having to go to the grocery store again. Some of the prices are cheaper, too.”

Waiting for something to be delivered can be even more frustrating than going through the work to shop yourself, but Dormzy isn’ t in the business of trying the patience of college students. Your groceries are delivered the very next business day after you order them. For any emergencies (or if you are simply not the patient type), FedEx Overnight Express is also an option.

While shipping is $6.99 for orders under $49, it is free for orders over $49, so if you are someone who likes to stock up in bulk every time you go grocery shopping, there is an extra incentive to give the website a try. Sammons says that Kentucky is one of theirlargest customer databases.

It is no surprise that a website such as Dormzy would be popular among college students.

A quick look at their current top sellers shows Ramen Noodles, Gatorade, Campbell’s Soup and Easy Mac as four of their top five most-bought products – items considered typical of a college student’s diet. However, the website also has entire categories dedicated to healthy foods for those mindful of what they eat, such as Nutri-Grain bars and vegetable soup.

As promising as the concept of Dormzy is, the absence of frozen food may be a disappointment to some college students. Frozen food is both cheap and easy to make, making it a common item in any college student’ s freezer. Since Dormzy relies on delivery, shipping frozen food is impractical.

Still, Dormzy is an answer to a prayer, particularly for those in the dorms. Many freshmen don’ t have cars their first year of college, but even those that do are often relegated to the dreaded K-Lot, a far walk from most of the dorms.

Dormzy provides a way for a lot of busy (or lazy) college students to take one more thing off their schedule, so for those inundated with school work or trying to balance school with a job, a service like this is almost impossible to pass.