‘Rock the Dot’ talent show aims to promote VIP Center

by Mary Duffy

Students may associate the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center with the sobering issues of sexual violence and partner abuse, but this week, the center will highlight talents.

Rock the Dot, a talent show the organized by the VIP Center, will take place on Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m.

Former VIP Center Director Dorothy Edwards started the Green Dot program four years ago at UK, and it has spread to 30 campuses nationwide. Tuesday’s talent show is to promote awareness of the program.

The event will feature acts from Black Voices gospel choir, acoustic singers Adrea LaRoche, Sally Evans and Justin Bowsher. The artists will perform original creative pieces. If students would like to perform, spots are still available.

Prizes will be awarded to first and second place winners, but students can perform without competing.

“There are many reasons why someone might connect with us, because something directly happened to them, or they want to watch a friend perform and they connect with the stories,” said Sally Evans, the Education and Program coordinator at the VIP Center and performer in the talent show.

Payton May, a volunteer, performer and architecture junior, attended a program the VIP Center hosted last year and became close with some people at the center.

“I like the idea of students speaking out about things they feel passionate about,” May said. “They can express how they feel about the violence they have experienced either directly or indirectly.”

Evans said the event is a door of access.

“It’s a powerful platform. It’s like minded people coming out with common interests. We’d love to grow this organization and raise awareness, and through events like Rock the Dot, we can,” she said.

Admission is $5, but $2 for students wearing a green dot. The VIP Center is located in Frazee Hall.

May said the event is engaging and reaches out for a variety of people.

“We want people to learn who we are and what our mission is,” Evans said. “Violence is a community issue. We can all be a part of the solution. Everyone can do something. If we all get involved, we will see change.”