Cricket team represents culture

As a university with a top-20 plan and making strides toward improving diversity UK’s Cricket team displays the exploration of culture that would help foster such goals.

Americans traditionally have a fear of trying new things, whether it be food, art, music or in this case, sports.

The UK cricket team has an immense passion for their sport, but the one downfall they face, according to an Oct. 28 Kernel article is that they don’t get much support or interest from their peers.

One team member believes a big part of the reason that the team gets little support is because there is a misconception that cricket games last for days, when in reality the average game lasts only four hours.

The cricket team has been on UK’s campus for more than a decade, yet last month’s story was the first time the team had received coverage.

The team feels coming out to a game isn’t merely about supporting the team, but rather about students’ willingness to try new things, outside of the norm.

Too often, sports are confined by cultural and national divides. Being open to trying new things from other cultures opens doors and opportunities to learn about people, places and things different from what students may be used to.

Checking out a sport with a rich cultural history like the cricket team is a good stepping stone.