Kathy Griffin lampoons fellow stars on Oscar night



by Rachel Sarnovsky

Two-time Emmy winner and three-time Grammy nominee Kathy Griffin captivated a jam-packed audience at the Singletary Center for the Arts Sunday night as she dished the dirt on a handful of celebrities in her notorious sarcastic style.

The New York Times best-selling author was welcomed with a standing ovation and roaring applause.

The first thing Griffin expressed was her surprise when she read the options for vegetables on the menu from Ramsey’s Diner.

“I’ve been following her for years now,” senior Mercedes Hopewell said. “I liked how she pointed out that Mac and Cheese was listed as a vegetable on the Ramsey’s menu.”

Along with mentioning our local diner in her act, Griffin spoke of several celebrities including: Charlie Sheen, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Sarah Palin and Justin Bieber, to name a few.

Griffin also shared the inside scoop from the Grammys and information about her new role on the television series, “Glee.”

“I loved her Lady Gaga story when she was like Spiderman in the egg at the Grammys, and I like how she’s going to be on ‘Glee,’” junior Colleen Moureaux said.

Griffin was not shy to mention that, even though she is rarely there, she is not too well-liked in Hollywood because of her outspoken personality.

“I came to laugh and have a good time and to hear stuff you can’t hear anywhere else,” Moureaux said.

Chelsea Melchor, director of Pop Culture on the Student Activities Board, said the goal is to host someone bigger and better every year and, in a survey, found that Griffin was the preferred choice this year.

“I thought she was hilarious, as always,” Melchor said after the performance. “She talks about everything we like to gossip about. I think she hit the nail on the head tonight.”