DanceBlue raises awareness of pediatric cancer, lifts spirits



This past weekend was special. Something took place in two days on campus that did not consist just of partying, studying, socializing or stressing.

No, this weekend was all about the dancing.

DanceBlue 2011 came and went in 24 grueling hours and left behind $673,976.60 for the UK Pediatric Oncology Unit.

For one day, there was no focus on an individual’s problems or accomplishments, but instead on a collective groups desire to reach the goal of bringing the topic of cancer, and the battle against it, into the everyday lives of college students.

For five years, UK students have set aside one weekend to dedicate their bodies and their time to a  relavent cause in our society.

But the DanceBlue marathon does so much more than that. It is through organizing, fund-raising and management that the dancers, committee members, coordinators, volunteers and chairs bring one weekend to life in a way only the Big Blue Nation could.

They develop relationships with the families, meet with a large amount of sponsors, involve alumni and somehow manage to capture the attention of every demographic on campus.

DanceBlue is not a weekend fundraiser, but a yearlong marathon. I was unable to participate in the marathon this year, but I watched and cheered courtesy of the incredibly interactive website and live feed.

I would just like to personally thank every person involved for every sore foot, red blister, glazy eye and weak muscle they fought through for the kids. You have represented our generation as not only unwilling to be brought down by tough times, but also one that will stand up, fight and maybe even dance for those who are unable to do so themselves.

While DanceBlue 2011 was most certainly “For The Kids,” it was also for someone else: yourselves. And you very much deserved it. Thank you for your time, your dedication and your courage to stand up to a disease that has prevented so many others from doing so.