Stress is an everyday occurence for women



Girls, we must end the love affair we have with stress.

Stress is on the rise, and I have found that we not only like it, we are also entranced by it.

Our mind, bodies and spirits are suffering, and yet, we are too penciled-in, overwhelmed and stressed out to even notice.

Women are wearing stress around town more proudly than a beautifully crafted pair of jeans, and that is a shame.

Simplifying our lives is proving to be one of the hardest things a woman can do in today’s world.

Our pencils are nibbled to the core and our nails are left to ruins. We have forgotten to just be.

Doing too much can lead to worrying too much and at some point you have to let go of the excess.

Many of my gal pals are not only thriving and talking about stress, but they have fallen in love with stress.

Stress is like a bad boyfriend; breakup and a lifestyle change is in order. The love affair we have with stress has become more complex than Scarlett O’Hara’s.

Swapping stress stories is damaging to you and your friends. It is fine to vent, but we must stop enabling the anxiety by one-upping.

Instead of feeding an unhealthy habit, gently encourage a friend to take time to relax and unwind. Shedding a negative attitude will be difficult, but you will detoxify your mind and body of damaging vibes.

Indulge in euphoric vibes. Take time to enjoy the simplest things that don’t need you to R.S.V.P or make an appointment for you to enjoy them.

The fear of being lazy is fueling this unhealthy obsession, and it turns out guilt is not a reliable resource. Friends are constantly showing me their agendas that are overloaded with schedules, events, parties, homework assignments and daily errands.

Why are our agendas so full? Our lives have a strict schedule and we are the only ones dictating it.  We volunteer to take on the stress of the world.

Edit excess from your agendas day-by-day. Make the time to enjoy a moment with your own mind. Lately, when someone asks me how I am, I weirdly reply with “Good, but stressed.” I am good and stressed?

Yes. I honestly believe that the feeling of stress allows me to believe that I am succeeding. This isn’t just within me this is being reverberated through chit chat with females everywhere I go.

The constant chatter about stress can lead to more stress, so together we must quit.

Two-thirds of all office visits to primary-care physicians are related to stress. The nasty emotion can lead to unhealthy habits in trial of coaxing your anxiety.

Stress is a weighty issue. If there is one thing that makes women cut out junk from their lives, it is the fear of gaining weight.

Dr. Shawn Talbott, author of “The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You and Fat and Ruins Your Health—and What You Can Do About It” says that stress leads to a lack of motivation, excessive smoking, drink and indulging of comfort food.

How do we beat stress? We outsmart it the same way we do any bad beau.

Opt for healthier snacks like almonds whenever you get the urge to reach for chocolate or chips.

Also, whenever you are tempted to reach for the remote, turn off the noise and enjoy a few moments in silence.