KEG: Greek philanthropy gives back

By: Kate Carpenter

Greek organizations may be known for being social organizations, but that is just at first glance. If you take a deeper look, Greek organizations are also associated with giving back to the community.

Each sorority on UK’s campus contributes to a national charity. Whether in terms of money or physical service to an organization, each sorority gives back to the community in some way. Although associated with national philanthropies, sororities donate to local chapters.

For example, Alpha Gamma Delta raises money for juvenile diabetes research and education. Megan Dodge, who is the philanthropy chair for Alpha Gamma Delta, said that her chapter hosts Band Jam every fall, an outdoor concert featuring local bands. All the proceeds go to toward juvenile diabetes research.

“I think giving back is important whether you are part of a Greek organization or not,” Dodge said. “That being said, I think it is especially important for the Greek community to give back since we have the resources and networking to reach out and impact so many different people and organizations.”