KEG: Lookin’ good in 2011 fall fashion

As the air turns crisp and leaves change color, the fall season is officially making its presence known; and along with the changing of seasons comes the transition of wardrobe from summer to fall.

Fall fashion can easily be seen as one of the most anticipated seasons because of the diversity that it offers in color, texture and the many ways pieces — scarves, boots, jackets, vests, hats, etc. — can be worn. The trends this season are far from the traditional monotone colors and patterns that usually come to mind, so take note, get excited and dare to be different.

Patterned Prints. If you walk into almost any store this season, you will be sure to be overwhelmed with the wide variety of print patterns on just about everything! On cell phone cases, shoes, scarves, headbands, tights, sweaters and dresses; you name it, it’s covered in a pattern. The most popular patterns this season are polka dot and leopard. Although these patterns have been seen in previous seasons, this is their year to dominate. Daring to wear a patterned piece may be fun and exotic; however, the true trend is mixing prints. Mixing prints may seem like a daunting task and a fashion nightmare, but do not fret.

“The cool thing about mixing prints is that it’s bold, fun and, when done right, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd,” says Glamour magazine blogger Julia Sarinana on Glamour’s website.

Fashion tip: Try to stay in the same color family, use printed accessories to mix and be confident.

Bright Colors. Despite popular belief, it is fashionably acceptable to wear bold, bright colors in seasons other than spring and summer. Popular uses of bright colors this season are in denim, dresses, pants and jackets. However, shoes and accessories are great ways to incorporate color as well. Adding a “pop of color” to your outfit not only makes a bold statement but also plays off of the natural colors of fall.

“It’ll instantly update your look for fall without the usual stress that accompanies testing out color,” said an article about bright colors this season.

Bright colors are also a popular beauty trend this season, such as in a bold red/coral lip.

Fashion tip: Accessories like tights, handbags and scarves are great for those wanting to add minimal color.

Wedges and Boots. When transitioning from summer to fall, you not only swap out your tank top for a sweater, but also your sandals for boots. Over the past few summer seasons, wedges have become very popular as an alternative to the often-painful stilettos or pumps — and they have found their way into the fall season as well. Wedges and wedge booties offer a newfound comfort to the art of fall footwear.

“More stable on slick pavement than stilettos, less workday than flats, the wedge is stylish and a little bit tough,” said an article in The Boston Globe.

Also making a returning appearance is the boot. Boots are the classic “go-to” item for fall footwear. However, the most popular styles this season are: the stacked heel, the lace-up, the slouchy, the wedge (bootie), the harness and the riding boot.

Fashion tip: Find what you like most about your boots and look for that feature when shopping for a new style.

All of these fall trends are just a few of the many trends this season and can be applied to any budget. Retail stores like Aldo, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft, and H&M are just a few of the many featuring new items following these trends.

This season, make the new trends personal to your style, and try something new!

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