Poole’s father to discuss potential transfer from UK



Stacey Poole Jr. could potentially transfer from UK, according to multiple outlets.

In an interview with The Louisville Courier-Journal, Stacey Poole Sr. said he was the one who is initiating the process of weighing his son’s options. Poole Sr. said his son likes Kentucky and is “not thinking about leaving,” but Poole Sr. said he is unhappy for his son about his lack of playing time.

Poole Sr. told the Courier-Journal that “at the end of the day, I’m going to make the call. He’s 20, but he’s still a kid.”

UPDATE: Stacey Poole tweeted the following on Wednesday: “Thanks for all the support from the #BBN an to everbody out there thats supporting me, This is my decision an im going to make it! If u have nothing good to say dont hit my TL”

Poole Sr. also said he’s been talking to his son about potentially transferring for weeks and will fly up from Florida this weekend to discuss the issue with his son.

Poole Sr., who was a standout player at Florida, told CBS he “can’t confirm the rumor at this time.”

Poole Jr. averaged 2.8 minutes per game last season, second-lowest on the team. His playing time is unlikely to increase this season with three returning high-impact players and four heralded freshmen.

At the beginning of the season, Poole Jr. was upfront in acknowledging his disappointing freshman season.

“I didn’t play last year,” Poole told the Kernel at Media Day. “It’s something I think about, and it motivates me every day to come in here and do what I have to do. … It’s tough. But you just have to keep your head up. Keep working and keep pushing. It motivates me to come in and be in the gym, be one of those guys who can contribute. Make sure I’m one of those guys to stay on the court.”

Poole was rated by Rivals.com as the No. 33 overall recruit when he came to UK.