3 things we learned: UK 87, Chattanooga 62



Three things we learned in UK’s 87-62 win.

1. Terrence Jones had another bad game — this time he had zero points on 0-for-3 shooting and one rebound  — but unlike his performance against Indiana, the cause seems clear. Jones injured a finger on his shooting hand early in the first half and had to be taken out of the game and looked at by a trainer three separate times throughout the game. If there’s any word on the severity or how it affected him (which it looked like it did plenty), we will update you after coaches and players talk post-game. (UPDATE: Calipari said he dislocated his finger and doesn’t know if, or how long, he will be out.)

2. Anthony Davis had another stat-driven night — 14 points, 18 rebounds, five blocks  — but what I liked most was his tenacity on the boards. He looked aggressive going after rebounds and consistently grabbed them with two hands, which has been a point of emphasis for Calipari to any and all big men through the year (and, really, last year as well). I noticed Davis’ improved rebounding against Indiana. Seeing it continue tonight seems to be a good sign (although he could still improve his defensive rebounding, as he sometimes doesn’t box out).

3. It doesn’t look like Calipari envisions Twany Beckham being much of a contributor. In his first game being eligible, Beckham didn’t play until the 3:09 mark, when he checked in alongside Sam Malone and Jarrod Polson. That could change, but it would have to happen fast, before SEC play. As it stands, Beckham appears to be on par with Polson in terms of how much he’s used — in other terms, he’s not a rotation player.

4 (Bonus!). Rupp Arena has an approved redesign. I approve as well.

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