Darrin Horn on Kentucky vs. Florida

South Carolina head coach Darrin Horn is particularly suited to break down the UK-Florida game on Tuesday.

That’s because those were the last two opponents he’s seen, which came in the span of two days over the weekend. The Gamecocks lost to Florida by eight on Thursday and lost to UK by 34 on Saturday.

So how does he see the two teams stack up?

He pointed out strengths on different sides of the ball.

“Florida is very good, extremely talented on the offensive end,” Horn said. “Very hard to guard because of their ability to pass and shoot. … Kentucky is extremely talented, dynamic on the defensive end because of their length and athleticism.”

Horn said both teams have made noticeable strides since conference play began. He pointed out Florida’s Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton as have dramatically improved their decision-making with the ball, and said UK was a much better team overall than the one it played to open the SEC slate (a 15-point UK win at home).

“Because they’re a young team, they’ll continue to get better,” Horn said.

Tuesday’s matchup will pit the top two teams in the SEC. UK is 9-0 in conference play and Florida is 7-1.

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