Friday Kernel Klinks: UK vs. Ole Miss Eve Edition

UK hoops loses again on the road after climbing back from large deficit to Alabama.

The Kernel’s Aaron Smith looks into the Cats and freshman Anthony Davis perfecting the lob.

The plays are mesmerizing, really. Not only to people like me, who have no chance of pulling off a dunk like that without a trampoline, but also to the players who can approximate that level of skill and talent.

Smith also examines the 3 things to watch for when the Cats face Ole Miss on Saturday.

“I think they’re scary good. When you look for holes that you may have an opportunity to exploit, they don’t have many,” Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy said in this week’s SEC teleconference.

Paul Martin of the Kernel talks to the Snowcats about life on the slopes.

Keith Taylor of the Winchester Sun offers Florida head coach Billy Donovan’s take on senior Darius Miller.

“I love him — I’ve always loved him,” Donovan said. “I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for him because I think just what he’s been through.”

Mark Story’s Fast-break points from the Sportsman ticker-tape parade.

19. Tee Martin’s recruiting impact. According to the recruiting data base, Martin was the lead recruiter on seven players who signed with Kentucky in 2011. However, he was the lead recruiter on only three players who signed with the Cats in 2012.

Eric Crawford of the Courier Journal visited Murray, Ky., to see the impact that the team has had on the town.

“I’ve always said this about Murray: Nobody comes here without a reason,” Winder said. “It’s not an easy place to get to. People don’t just pass through. They have to have a reason.”

Despite being questioned whether he can take part in Linsanity, Jeremy Lin acknowledged on Thursday that it was Carmelo Anthony who got him his opportunity.

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian remembers the life of hall of fame catcher Gary Carter, who died on Thursday.

Gary Carter was and always will be known as “Kid” because of his relentless energy and enthusiasm, his boyish smile and his genuine love for the game. Yet that nickname is a bit misleading because Carter was such a man, tough even for a catcher, be it blocking balls in the dirt, blocking the plate, hitting three-run homers or playing every day.