Jarrod Polson reacts to Cosmo ‘hottest guy’ ranking



By Hannah Wilson

UK’s Jarrod Polson, sophomore guard for the men’s basketball team, was named one of the 24 “Hottest Guys of March Madness 2012” by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Yes, he may not get to play a lot, but according to Cosmo, that doesn’t matter when judging looks.

“I had no idea what Cosmopolitan magazine was before being in it. I found out about the list from one of my friends tweeting me about it,” Polson said.

He said that when he found out about being on the list, he just laughed and didn’t really think much of it.

Some of the other basketball players knew he made the list. His teammates who knew gave him a hard time and joked around about it with him, he said.

In response to whom Polson thinks he got his good looks from, he said, “Most people say I look like my dad the most, so I’m going to have to say I look like my dad.”

What is it about Polson that women can’t get enough of?

“His smile and how humble he is with all the fame that the team is getting,” freshman Kayla Dunbar said. “It’s a good thing that he is in the magazine, and I completely agree.”

Polson remarks on how he has stayed humble and grounded.

“I remember where I came from and how I was raised,” Polson said.

Though he was rated in the magazine, Polson said he doesn’t receive that much attention.

“Girls don’t really react much,” Polson added. “They are pretty cool about it for the most part. People on campus sometimes act nicer and are friendlier when they find out who I am.”