Students announce candidacy for Student Government offices

By Mitch Deal

Two candidates for Student Government President and Vice President announced their candidacy Thursday.

Drake Staples, a finance and marketing junior, and Mary Ellen Wimberly, a finance and economics junior, announced their candidacy for president and vice president, respectively.

Staples and Wimberly wanted to formally announce their candidacy, and explain their many ideas for bettering the education, enjoyment and help for students.

The two discussed the plans they have, involving not only Greeks and student organizations, but everyone on campus together as one.

They talked about plans that will make campus a place that feels more at home, with people around supporting each other and coming together to enjoy their college experience.

“Under Drake and Mary Ellen’s administration, you will see change,” Michael Gant, a sophomore running for Senator-at-Large, said. “A government that will wholely represent all students on this campus, no matter what their affiliation, as well as an administration that will work with the students issues they are facing today.”

A major point that Staples and Wimberly discussed was making campus an exciting place to be.

Wimberly talked about having Redbox movie rental machines around campus, free scantrons and pep rally’s. Having these amenities on campus would help with connecting students so they have a place to meet and hang out in a social scene without discrimination, prejudice or main affiliations to Greek and other student organizations, they said.

To find out more about the Staples-Wimberly 2012 candidacy you can visit their website at or find them on Twitter @Stapleswimberly.