Wacky Olympics makes debut

By Kyle Kelly

The Body Shop, a UK health and wellness program, will host the first ever Wacky Olympics Friday at noon on Johnson Center Intramurals Fields.

This event will be free and encourages all students and faculty to come out for a fun-filled and “wacky” lunch break.

The purpose of the event is to create a fun, stress-free environment as students prepare for the last two weeks of the semester.

The reason the Body Shop has decided to create this event is because this year is the year for summer Olympics.

Carrie Davidson, health and wellness program coordinator, said, “We conduct a fitness challenge each fall semester, but wanted to do this event in the spring semester because of the summer Olympics going on this summer.”

The Wacky Olympics is a way to conduct a fitness test in a fun and competitive way.

Tyler Wise, an economics sophomore, said, “I love things like this because it is competitive without being so serious.”

Each event of the Wacky Olympics will be overseen by employees of the Body Shop.

There will be 9 events, some of which include a water balloon toss, a three-legged race, balancing an egg in a spoon, wiffle ball and more.

People that registered for the event will be put into teams of four.

As of now there will be around 35 participants, these teams will compete against all others.

Out of the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, the top three teams will be rewarded with medals; first place gets gold, second receives silver and third will get bronze.

Everyone who participates in this year’s Wacky Olympics will receive some type of prize.

“I plan on going just for something to do,” said Josh Hennessey, an animal science freshman. “I wish there would be more events like this.”

With the semester coming to a close, students are trying to get their mind off finals and have some fun, and the Wacky Olympics is a way to do just that.