Ring in the new year with nearby concerts



By Alexandria Sardam

[email protected]

Well that winter break went by a lot faster than I think anybody anticipated that it would.

So what do our moldable-minds have to anticipate in this glorious, new year of 2013? Unseasonably warm winter days where the once-white snow turns to an unsightly dark slush? Nerlens Noel’s hightop growing even higher?

No! We have a wild assortment, a towering abundance of deliciously interesting music that’s just waiting, yearning for us to unwrap and jam into our CD players, turning the volume up just a little too loud.

And beyond the music that’s already been stocked and shelved, there are plenty of concert dates that need to be penciled into that nice little planner your great aunt got you for Christmas since you’re now, “an adult.” Thanks for that one.

So here are some of my favorite local-ish venues that get some pretty sweet shows. Follow them all on Twitter to see who they add to their event lineup.

Buster’s Billiards and Backroom, Lexington, Ky. (@Bustersbb)

Umphrey’s McGee- Jan. 31

Slighty Stoopid- April 17

Cosmic Charlie’s, Lexington, Ky. (@CosmicCharlies)

The Twin Cats- Jan. 11

Relic Delic-Jan. 16

The Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, Ohio (@TaftTheatre)

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals- Jan. 11

An Acoustic Evening With Matisyahu- Feb. 3

Jukebox The Ghost- Feb. 12

Brit Floyd- March 8

Bogart’s, Cincinnati, Ohio (@BogartsShows)

Marilyn Manson- Jan. 19

Flogging Molly- Jan. 27

Zoso- Feb. 7

Corey Smith- Feb. 15

Red Wanting Blue- Feb. 16

The Louisville Palace, Louisville, Ky. (@LvillePalace)

Matchbox Twenty-Feb. 5

Yes-March 17

Widespread Panic-April 16 and 17

Also, something new to look forward to this year is the assistance of Spotify-a totally free and awesome internet music database. Search Facebook for “PardontheInterlude Kernel.” Add as a friend and you’ll have direct access to all of my playlists that Pardon references in each column.

This week’s playlists includes treats you can look forward to at each venue. Enjoy!