Campus construction: a layout



By Zach Dillinder

[email protected]

Project: Alumni Drive

Construction dates: May 10th 2015- August 17th 2015

Purpose: To make larger roads for larger and heavier vehicles to have easier access to campus.

Project: Limestone Park 1 & 2

Construction dates: Now- Fall 2016

Cost: $83.9 million investment. Funded by EdR.

Boyd, Holmes Hall, Jewell Hall and Keeneland House and also the Hamilton House were demolished for these new buildings.

Purpose: New residence halls.

Project: The 90

Construction dates: Now- August 2015

Cost: $32 million. Funded by Aramark.

Purpose: New dining facility.

Side note: Panera Bread will not be included after originally joining.

Project: Complex Drive

Construction dates: May 11th– May 29th 2015

Description: Portion of Complex Drive from Johnson Center Loop to University Drive is currently under construction.

Purpose: Water line work.

Project: Commonwealth Stadium

Construction dates: Now- pre-football season. September 5th is UK’s first home game of the 2015 season.

Cost: $120 million. UK self-funded.

Purpose: To give a face-lift to the stadium.

Side note: There are live construction cameras on web of this!

Project: Academic Science Building

Construction dates: June 2014- August 2016

Cost: $100 million. UK self-funded.

Purpose: The current building has the second highest usage on campus.

New building will be 263,000 square feet and is being constructed on top of Donovan Residence Hall, which was recently destroyed.

Project: Student Center

Construction dates: Summer 2015- January 2018

Cost: $175 million.

Purpose: The new facility is expected to be 370,000 square feet including an atrium, recreation area, lounges, conference facilities, entertainment venues, retail space, food service, bookstore, student organization space and administrative support offices.

Project: Scott Street Parking

Construction dates: May 27th– August 25, 2015.

Purpose: A new 224-space parking lot with storm sewer, lighting, video surveillance, and site grading.

Location: 313-347 Scott Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40508.

Project: Carol Martin Gatton College of Business and Economics

Construction dates: Now- May 2016.

Cost: $65 million.

Purpose: Original building was built in 1963 and was expanded on in 1991. Some of the mechanical and electrical components are out of date.

Project: Football Training Facility and Practice Fields

Construction dates: Now- August 2016.

Cost: $45 million.

Purpose: New facility for athletes, part of the Stoop’s era of UK football. Good for future recruitment.

Project: University Lofts/ UK School of Art and Visual Studies

Construction dates: Now- 2015.

Cost: $4 million.

Purpose: Adds 65,000 square feet, 8 new classrooms, a 500-seat auditorium, a café and a seating area.