Ten last minute gift ideas

By Lexington Souers

[email protected]

Still trying to figure out what to get Aunt Sue? Here are ten last minute gift ideas to make your Christmas a success. Overnight shipping may not save you this season, so make sure you have a gift that is sure to wow, even on a budget.

1. Alcohol

Bottles of good spirits or beer are almost always crowd pleasers. Check out the Kernel’s beer column and grab some local brews. The gift doesn’t even need special wrapping — a unique koozie will do just fine.

2. Gift Cards

While you may not get points for originality, it is hard to go wrong here. Find a place you and your giftee love and grab a gift card. If you’re going with a theme, you can pair it with something similar. For example, a coffee cup to go with a Starbucks gift card.

3. Home made cookies

Or anything homemade really. Get those Pinterest accounts working in overdrive, and gather up what you have around the house to make a gift to remember. It’s also really easy to paint a canvas or flask, provided you have the right materials.

Check out the Kernel’s cookie recipe

4. A Letter

No matter the season, nothing says I love you like a handwritten letter that shows just how much you care. Grab some stationary and jot down why that person means so much to you.

5. Consider a Subscription

These may be a little pricy, but subscriptions to local museums or historical sites like Shaker Village are a great way to share history and fun with others. You can also get subscriptions for bourbon, skin care, and pets.

6. Adult Coloring Books

These have been all the rage this year, and for good reason. They have some serious therapeutic skill, and allow even the biggest of kids to relax and get creative.

7.  An Alarm Clock

Have someone on your list who is always late? Let them know in the kindest of ways by wrapping up an alarm clock as a gentle reminder.

8. Ornaments

A classic for the desperate, you can never have enough ornaments. The glory of this gift is that it fits any price range, from the very expensive to the homemade. If you’re crafty, try painting your own.

9. Curate your own gift basket

Grab some extras from the home goods aisle of your local grocery store and make a “Breakfast in Bed”  basket. The potential to fill a small container with cheap goods is limitless.

10. Books

Nothing beats a good book. Grab the scholar on your gift list a classic, and a box of tea. The great thing is that it allows you to tailor the gift to that person, without too much thought.