BookTrib’s Bites: Kids Poems, First-Rate Thrillers and Pioneer Patients


Help Baby Walrus“Help Baby Walrus”

by Ilia Tversky

This book is a collection of children’s poems translated from Russian and written for the author’s son, David. The heroes of the poems are real and fictional toys, animals and unusual creatures that accompanied David throughout his joyful childhood. Now they will become friends of many other children. The first poem is about a yellow walrus who needs to be pulled from a puddle and out of danger.

The poems, geared for young children or perfect for read-alongs by parents, are accompanied by striking and engaging illustrations. The author is a science researcher in the field of chemistry. He lived the first part of his life in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) and afterwards emigrated to Israel. Purchase at


by Paul Batista 

Fans of John Grisham and Scott Turow will devour this cutting-edge thriller. An icon’s life implodes … at two in the morning. World-renowned and revered actor Aaron Julian is awakened at that early hour by his agent, who informs him that he has been accused of sexual harassment. Young actresses will break the story on primetime TV that morning.

Aaron and his celebrity pop-singer wife, Veda, vehemently deny the charges and hire the powerful defense lawyer Raquel Rematti. But when the plaintiff’s lawyer is murdered in Central Park, the stakes skyrocket, and the conspiracies spiral out of control. Despite revelation after revelation, Aaron continues to proclaim his innocence. The outcome — impossible to predict — is guaranteed to stun and to linger with you for a long time. Purchase at

Masters of the Broken Watches“Masters of the Broken Watches”

by Razi Imam

It’s an action-adventure like “Indiana Jones,” a science adventure like “Jurassic Park” and a human feel-good story like “Slumdog Millionaire.” Sebastian Miles and his team of marine biologists stare at their watches. Time outside their lab has jumped forward by 22 hours. Minutes before this illogical space-time event, they were analyzing a mysterious glowing nodule extracted from an unknown marine specimen. News of this marine life reaches powerful governments, inadvertently triggering a race to hunt, capture and control it. But they have never faced a team of scientists known as the Paramarines.

This genre-bending novel leaves readers on the edge of their seats. It’s a captivating adventure, heartbreaking story of love and true display of human ingenuity and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. Purchase at

First Patients“First Patients”

by Rod Tanchanco

What was it like to be that patient caught in a medical crisis that sparked a medical milestone? “First Patients” reads with the pace and excitement of a top-notch medical thriller, providing an enthralling view into the history of medicine and revealing the extent of human inventiveness, resilience and compassion.

Often marked by the desperate need to save human lives, developments in medicine have invariably started with patients: people whose ordeals have fostered the advancement of medical knowledge. This book is a collection of such incredible true stories of pioneer patients, from an 18th-century farmer who became the first vaccinator, to a doctor in the 1980s who drank a beaker of bacteria to prove the cause of peptic ulcers and many more. Purchase at

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