Louisville president facing lawsuit alleged official misconduct

News Staff

University of Louisville President James Ramsey is facing a lawsuit from a former U of L deputy compliance officer, Robin Wilcox, who resigned Friday
According to the Courier-Journal, Wilcox worked at U of L for 10 years and alleged Ramsey “intentionally and knowingly” committed official misconduct in a suit was filed Monday in Jefferson Circuit Court. 
In Wilcox’s resignation letter, he wrote he had “great satisfaction and pride” until 2012, when he witnessed “a demeanor of unethical behavior becoming the operating norm.” 
Wilcox claimed in the 18-page complaint he approached U of L’s administration in December with evidence of “documented falsehoods presented by the university’s highest officer- Ramsey.” 
U of L spokesperson John Karman told the Courier-Journal U of L typically does not comment on pending litigation and has not had time to review this lawsuit. 
After a U of L Board of Trustees meeting held all-day Tuesday, Ramsey said “two trustees out of 20 who spoke up are entitle to their opinion, but we have broad disagreements on how to best provide a high-quality public education.”
Following the meeting, the board’s chairman Larry Benz told the Courier-Journal he still supports Ramsey’s presidency but believes U of L’s president’s powers should be “decentralized.”