You might soon have class with LeBron James


NBA star gets a taste of college life at UK

Madison Rexroat

Okay, so the headline might be a little misleading, but LeBron James does intend to go back to school according to an article in USA Today College

James is signed up to take classes at the University of Akron, which is also his business partner in helping inner-city kids achieve a college education through his scholarship program.

To ensure that his students not only go to college, but stay there, James established the I PROMISE Institute to provide resources for students pursuing four-year degrees.

Students in James’ program are currently in eighth grade and will enroll in Akron in 2021. Before the institute is available for college students, it will provide support for high school students as they prepare for college.

“We don’t just want our kids to get to college. We want them to graduate from college. And we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help them do that,” said James in the article. 

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