Google not interested in top college graduates

Madison Rexroat

Almost since its inception, Google has been a role model for hiring managers everywhere. Their employees are some of the most innovative, but they’re not always the top graduates of their school.  

A 2014 interview with Google’s head of people operations, Laszlo Bock, revealed that credentials are not the priority when hiring new employees.

Top college graduates often lack “intellectual humility” that allows them to learn. By relying on talent and not experiencing failure in college, students don’t realize that they can be wrong, which can be a valuable learning facilitator.

Also mentioned in the interview is that people who succeed even without a college education are often highly exceptional. Rather than hiring exclusively from colleges that offer an “extended adolescence,” hiring managers at Google realize that talent exists outside of colleges, too.

IQ is not important, either. The ability to learn on the spot is far more valuable to a company, and so is the ability to lead when necessary.

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