Normalized heavy drinking dangerous for women

Normalized drinking

Madison Rexroat

In recent years, heavy drinking among women has become a joke, a symbol of liberation, and in some cases, a norm. This normalization encourages dangerous drinking patterns that lead to health problems and even death.

A large factor that contributes to these patterns is the mixed messages that women receive. Some studies suggest that moderate drinking can provide health benefits, and advertising often promotes excessive drinking as an acceptable social norm. Social media also plays a role as movies and popular media users make excessive alcohol use look cool and even funny.

White women, in particular, are more likely to drink more heavily than black, Hispanic, or Asian women. Middle aged women are most likely to suffer severe intoxication according to data from 2013.

The problem is that despite associative ideas of liberation, the female body is not equal to males in its capacity for alcohol. By encouraging ‘drinking like a man’ or joking about needing alcohol to deal with daily stress, women are often blind to the true dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

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