Program for Latina women increases chance of going to college

Madison Rexroat

In central Texas, 15 percent of Latina high school students earn a college degree, far lower than the rate for white students.

Con Mi Madre (“With My Mother”), a new program for Latina girls and their mothers, aims to change that statistic by strengthening relationships between Latina children and their parents and teaching them that college is an option.

The program is considered “college-prep,” but doesn’t focus on academics or funding. Instead, Con Mi Madre helps Latinas develop interpersonal communication skills through community service projects and weekly seminars.

Latina teens have the highest rates of depression compared to other female adolescents, and they often aren’t encouraged to go to college after high school. Con Mi Madre, however, helps Latinas develop healthy self-esteems, learn how to get good grades, and set goals for themselves. 

The effectiveness of the program should also be noted, as girls in the program have a 260 percent better chance of attending college. Nearly 77 percent of the girls who complete the program go to college and 54 percent earn a college degree.

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