UK student brings energy to Family Feud


UK Neuroscience freshman Caroline Miller and her family filmed an episode of Family Feud last August, with the episode airing on Feb. 20. Miller is the second UK student to appear on a nationally televised game show in a week. On Feb. 17 senior Zach Atwell appeared on Jeopardy!

Kelly Benzenhoefer

On Feb. 20, UK student Caroline Miller was featured on Family Feud alongside her parents, grandfather and aunt.  

The freshmen neuroscience major auditioned for the show in Atlanta, Georgia among dozens of other families. The process required the Miller’s to play the game against other families to find out if they would be selected to be on the show. They were selected, being one of the most energetic families to audition.

“The producers were encouraging all of the other families to bring more energy, but for my family they actually told us to tone it down,” Miller said.

Prior to being chosen to appear on the show, Miller had never watched a full episode of Family Feud. Miller admitted that she had never been interested in game shows, but she watched all of the Celebrity Family Feud episodes in the weeks prior to filming to gain a better understanding of how the game show worked.

The Miller Family filmed in August, just one day before Caroline left for UK to move into her dorm. Directly after filming, Miller went home to finish packing so that she would be ready to leave the next morning.

Miller said that the set was much smaller than she imagined, and despite being a little nervous to be on TV, she and her family had a great experience.

During the hour that it took to film, Miller told Harvey about her future plans, including the fact that she was to begin school at UK within the week. However, this segment of film did not make the episode, which was upsetting to her family.

The Miller family felt confident going into the round that would be filmed and aired on TV. They had won all of their audition and practice rounds, according to Miller. However, they knew that their competition, the Winter family, was good from watching them practice.

The Winter family went on to win the game, but not before the Miller’s voiced several creative answers to earn points.

“Name something a girl might grow up to be if her parents named her Bambi,” host Steve Harvey said. “A stripper!” responded Miller’s mother, who then ran back to her family’s side to provide more answers, with Miller answering, “A trophy wife!”

The Millers won this question to bring the game score to 88-86, with the Winter family ahead. The Winter family went on to win the following two questions, bringing the game to an end.

The Millers did not leave Family Feud empty handed, earning a prize of $500 and an unforgettable experience, according to Miller. Miller said that she enjoyed being on the show and that she would participate in something like it again if given the opportunity.

Miller is the second UK student to be featured on a game show this month, following senior Zach Atwell’s appearance on ‘Jeopardy!’.