University of California could cap out-of-state student enrollment

Madison Rexroat

The University of California system proposed a new policy on Monday that would create a 20 percent enrollment cap on out-of-state, nonresident undergraduates. The new proposal comes under state pressure to cap nonresident students or face losing $18.5 million in funding. 

The new proposal is also a way to appease in-state families who have complained of biased admissions that favor out-of-state students who pay nearly $30,000 more in tuition each year.

The proposal will be approved or declined by the board of regents later this month, but despite the potential cap, some UC schools will be exempt. The three most prestigious UC schools – University of California, Berkeley; University of California San Diego, and the University of California, Los Angeles – will be able to maintain their nonresident enrollment rates, which are already slightly above 20 percent, as long as the entire UC system remains at or below the capped rate.

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