Disconnect between job qualifications and hiring process for millennials

Madison Rexroat

According to a study by the Rockefeller Foundation and Edelman Intelligence, employers are recruiting and hiring inefficiently.

Despite only a third of Americans aged 25 to 34 graduating from college, 70 percent of the employers surveyed said that they screen applicants’ resumes for bachelor’s degrees – even for entry-level positions. Another 40 percent of companies said that high employee turnover resulted from employees feeling overqualified for their jobs.

College degrees are now a “blunt proxy” for ability, as employers believe they are indicative of soft skills – communication, dedication, etc. Employers have also been found to “up-credential” job requirements for open positions in populated areas and university towns as a way to control the number of applicants.

These practices exacerbate labor shortages as potential employees without college degrees are overlooked and younger employees with degrees are less comfortable job hopping. 

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