College tours can impede making the right decision


William T. Young Library

Madison Rexroat

College tours have become all but required when choosing a school to attend. With many tours focused on the college experience, though, tours can sometimes hinder a student’s ability to choose a school that is best for their education and goals. 

This is because of the psychology of making decisions. People tend to think they know what’s best for their future selves when they really don’t, which is particularly concerning when choosing a school to attend. Peripheral cues like cozy dorms, a bright, sunny day, or happy students walking around can make prospective students believe that that school will be best for them.

The good news is: even if a student does choose the objectively wrong college, psychology will be a factor yet again. The “psychological immune system” allows us to counteract negative situations and find the good in whichever school we choose.

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