Post-graduation job hunts by the numbers


College grad stats

Madison Rexroat

According to a LinkedIn analysis of data from 2016, now is the best time to apply for jobs – if you haven’t found one already. 

A majority of college graduates actively searching for a job get hired between April and June. In May 2016, nine percent of those who applied for jobs got hired. That doesn’t sound too great, but the numbers improved in June 2016 as more than 10 percent of people who applied got hired. In July and August, both applications and hiring percentages went back down to 9 percent.

As expected, bigger cities like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta tend to hire more graduates.

The field with the most entry-level job openings was physical therapy: 52,000 jobs at a $70,000 median salary. Software engineers came in second with 33,000 openings and a median salary of $80,000. The highest-paying entry-level position is investment banking analysis with $105,000 for a median salary. The only catch? There are only 600 job openings.

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