Donut Miss Out on Smorgasburg in NYC

Spaghetti Donut

Catherine Heredia

Smorgasburg is an open-air food market in Brooklyn, New York where over 100 different vendors sell unique and delicious food from all over the world. Like a food festival, this market takes places in two New York locations from April to October between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. On Saturdays, Smorgasburg can be found along the East River in Williamsburg. On Sundays, the market takes place in the beautiful Prospect Park. I chose to go to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg for the Manhattan skyline view.

I recommend the famous Ramen Burger and the new Spaghetti Donut. Instead of a burger bun, cooked ramen noodles serve as the bun for the Ramen Burger. This burger lived up to the hype with its delicious flavoring.

The Spaghetti Donut from Pasta Pop featured cooked spaghetti in the form of a donut. There were even different flavors such as Mac & Cheese, Red Sauce, and Carbonara. 

For dessert, I ordered the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich and the Raindrop Cake. Dulcinea Churros, one of the vendors, serves crispy churro sandwiches stuffed with different flavors of ice cream. The Raindrop Cake is a Japanese jelly dessert that resembles a suspended water drop. My favorite was the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. You can’t go wrong with the sweet combination of ice cream and churros.

Within walking distance from the Brooklyn Bridge, Smorgasburg provides a live atmosphere filled with one-of-a-kind food. This market is a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the city while satisfying any food cravings. Be sure to bring cash in case some vendors do not accept credit card.

Step away from the mainstream chaos of Manhattan and treat yourself to the trendiest food New York has to offer!