Blitz Bros’ friendship supports football team

Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen Runs out of the tunnel before the game against the Florida Gators on Saturday, September 23, 2017 in Lexington, Ky. Kentucky was defeated 28-27. Photo by Carter Gossett | Staff

Chris Leach

Kentucky football players Josh Allen and Denzil Ware, also known as the “Blitz Bros,” have been a key part in revitalizing Kentucky’s defense.

Allen and Ware have been coming up with timely sacks and tackles all season so far and will likely continue to do so. What has led to their uptick in production this year? Something as simple as communication.

“We just got that communication, that’s my brother, we talk about everything,” Allen said. “We are always talking about who’s going to get the sack first, who’s going to make a play. Everything we do, we are always going back and forth.”

Allen and Ware’s communication can be seen at all points during a game. If one makes a big play, usually the other is right there to give him a high five.

After practices, the two can be seen talking, or some times picking on each other before giving interviews. If one finishes before the other, usually they will do what they can to distract the other during his interview.

It’s obvious that Allen and Ware’s relationship is strong, however it took some time to build the relationship to what it is now.

“The funniest thing about it was that me and Josh weren’t even as close as we were when he first got here,” Ware said. “The relationship built over time, I’m glad that I got a good relationship with him because I look at him as my baby brother.”

Now, after forming their friendship, the two call themselves the “Blitz Bros.” However, there is a certain Blitz Bro that views himself as the big brother and has to take care of the other.

Ware, who is a year older because of his redshirt freshman year, feels like a mentor to Allen and does what he can to take care of him.

“That’s my baby brother, I’m going to make sure he’s straight no matter what, going to make sure that he is in good hands at all times,” Ware said. “I’m always looking out for him, I always have his back till the day we die.”

Allen is 15 pounds lighter than Ware, but is three inches taller than his fellow Blitz Bro. Allen recognizes he is the baby brother in the Blitz Bro relationship, but that doesn’t mean that he under performs compared to Ware.

“I’m still over there competing with him, and he knows that,” Allen said.

Regardless of who’s bigger, or who gets the most tackles, Allen and Ware are both out there competing for Kentucky. They might have a special relationship, but that special relationship benefits UK’s defense in terms of production.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Blitz Bros use each other for motivation.

“I know when I look on the other side, he’s right there lined up and just ready to play,” Ware said. “As long as I know I got him, I don’t really care about anything else because I’m just going to play hard for my brothers.”