Courtney Love surprised with new court and community service award

Kentucky line backer Courtney Love received the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team award on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. The award was given to Love for his community service work. Love was named to the good works team in September 2017. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

On Thursday evening, UK football linebacker Courtney Love was surprised with an Allstate AFCA Good Works Team award in front of mentees in the Amachi Central Kentucky program.

Love, who serves as a mentor for Amachi, initially thought he was going to Woodhill Park for another mentor/mentee session, but was surprised to find out it was more than just a casual outing. 

“I thought it was just going to be like a little basketball game, another Amachi event,” Love said. “I’m very excited and happy and honored to be in this position with this wonderful program.” 

Love was officially named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team in late September. He was one of 11 college football Bowl Subdivision players to be named to the team. 

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On top of receiving his award, a refurbished basketball court was unveiled to celebrate the occasion. Allstate repainted the lines on the basketball court and provided new hoops on both ends of the court.

Love also had no idea about the new court, but was happy to see the court get the upgrades it needed.

“The kids will be able to come here and have a brand-new court, they’ll be able to come out here and play with confidence and just do their thing,” Love said.

After receiving his award and doing interviews with the media, Love and other teammates broke in the new court the right way, by shooting hoops with the mentees. 

Stephen Johnson, Naquez Pringle, Alex Montgomery, Nick Haynes, Jacob Hyde and Love’s roommate Greg Hart were the teammates who participated in Thursday afternoon’s celebration. The kids were seen with smiles on their faces as they did their best to guard the much taller stars of the UK football team. 

The new court will go a long-way in making basketball more enjoyable at Woodhill Park, but Love thinks it can also make impact in the kids’ lives off the court.

“It gives them some hope that’s maybe they can be like that one day and just keep going hard and working hard,” Love said.