Local store raises funds for Marshall Co. victims, families


A photo of the Kentucky Strong t-shirt provided by Rick Paynter of Shop Local Kentucky.

Rick Childress

A local, near-campus clothing store has already raised $40,000 for victims of the deadly shooting at Marshall County High School.

Shop Local Kentucky at 212 Woodland Ave. began selling Kentucky Strong t-shirts. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be given to the victims and their families.

Rick Paynter, one of the owners of Shop Local, said that they will print the t-shirts for as long as they can.

“We can’t imagine what this small community is going through,” Paynter said. “And being so far and removed from the tragedy it is often difficult for folks to find ways to give back. We felt like this was a time to be unified as a state and provide a tangible way to give back to a hurting community.”

In less than 12 hours, the shirt earned more than $40,000. Paynter said the money will be given to the Marshall Strong fund, which is set up through the Kentucky Lake Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The bureau will distribute the money to families.

Paynter said Shop Local has raised $83,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims and over $100,000 for other charities.

“Kentuckians are incredibly generous,” he said.