UK women’s basketball takes eight straight loss


Jaida Roper takes the ball down the court during the game against Tennessee Tech on Sunday, December 3, 2017 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Chase Phillips | Staff

The UK women’s basketball team fell short of a victory again Sunday afternoon as they were defeated by the Georgia Lady Bulldogs 56-42, the Cats’ eighth loss in a row.

UK’s inefficient shooting played a big part in their loss to fellow SEC contender Georgia. The Cats went 11-54 from the floor, good for 20% field goal shooting and went 21% from deep.

“Well that was a tough game to watch right there, neither team could really get the ball in the basket,” said Kentucky head coach Matthew Mitchell. “But Georgia made more than we did, and won the game, so we just had an extremely tough day.”

The third quarter has been particularly difficult for the Cats this season, today included, as they shot only 1-11, or 9.1 percent, from the field. Mitchell says he’s still searching to figure out why it’s been hard for the Cats coming out of halftime.

“It’s not been a good quarter for us, so I don’t know what’s happening there. But I’ve got to try to get that fixed, it’s not good,” says Mitchell.

Sophomore Jaida Roper tips her hat to Georgia and thinks their team is very well coached, but that today just wasn’t Kentucky’s day when it came to shooting. 

“It wasn’t one of our best shooting days,” Roper said. “…. we play for the University of Kentucky. It shouldn’t take much for us to get motivated this week. We aren’t dwelling on the losses, just have to get back to work.

The Wildcats are back in action Thursday, Jan. 11 at the Florida, and hope to earn their first win since early December.