Insanity workout incorporates mind and body

Belle Kendrick

What’s better than a workout that requires absolutely no equipment besides yourself? Insanity workouts are over-the-top sessions that will no doubt bring you to the body you are looking for.

Insane is exactly what it is. These upbeat and hardcore workouts will give your body a boost of cardio, strength and endurance throughout the 55-minute session. Insanity requires no equipment except for your body. This workout feeds off of using body weight resistance to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Max interval training is used throughout all insanity workouts. This training is different than other interval training because instead of just slightly working each muscle, insanity will exercise your muscles to their maximum, if possible.

The exercises include working your muscles as hard as you can for three minutes at a time with a 30 second break in between each interval. This encourages you to work out at high levels with little to no rest in between, which will increase your endurance and strength while keeping your heart rate up.

One of the best aspects of insanity workouts are that you can go at your own pace. Although the workout is intense, that doesn’t mean that you have to start right into going as hard as you possibly can. Easing into the workout will help you feel more comfortable and begin to be able to see results.

Every insanity workout is different and follows unique patterns each time. This is one of my favorite things about insanity because you never have the exact same workout twice. The music mashup along with workout routines are mixed together, so that you get a variety each time you exercise.

Morgan Brown, a certified insanity instructor, informed me on what her thoughts are on insanity workouts.

“Insanity is the best workout on the market right now,” Brown said. “You can do it either at home or in a class at your local workout place which is one of the best parts of insanity. There is no equipment required and you can go at your own pace as well. Honestly I couldn’t think of a better way to workout than this.”

Insanity is a workout that incorporates both your body and mind into each workout. Just when you think you can’t do any more, the instructors are always encouraging their audience. That encouragement can help boost your exercise and will help you get the full body workout you need.

Personally, insanity is one of my favorite workouts. It’s a full body workout that changes with every workout class you do. Instead of doing the same workout over and over again, insanity provides you with a different routine.

Insanity is an intense workout that will help you get into the shape you desire. With the help of encouraging instructors, you will be able to push yourself as hard as possible. Working out your core, arms, legs and back, you will be able to see results quickly as you begin your insanity workout.