UK SA/VS workshops give high schoolers opportunity to grow in art disciplines

The high school students who dabbled in sculpting during See Art Experience Day got to take their work home as a memento.

Hailey Peters

Recruiting creative students to be a part of arts and visual studies has been accomplished with an open house that went one step further.

In an effort to recruit high school students to choose to study art at the UK, the School of Art and Visual Studies, a department within the College of Fine Arts, held a “See Art Experience Day” on Oct. 19.

Whether it was with their school’s field trip or on one’s own accord, prospective students spent the day interacting with faculty, current students, the visual studies building and various art mediums. This free program included workshops across several disciplines within the school, such as photography, ceramics, new media, painting, drawing and sculpture. Students could choose up to three workshops to attend, with dozens of specific options to fit their own personal interests. Lunch was provided by the college, and the day concluded with campus tours specifically tailored to fine arts students.

See Art was a unique experience for prospective students and faculty alike because it gave them the opportunity to interact with each other as if the students were actually enrolled within the college.

“The best thing about the College of Fine Arts is the faculty,” said See Art student assistant and CFA ambassador Chelsey Page. “It’s been such a different experience for students. They already get hands-on experience of different courses and majors within our college, which is something a simple info session would not accomplish.”

The event accomplished more than just giving students hands-on experience. With more than 500 students registered for the event, the publicity and exposure that CFA programs have gotten through the event is unparalleled to many of the events that have previously been orchestrated.

Cindy Thurley, a high school junior from the Frankfort area, was pleasantly surprised by the hands-on experience she got through the event.

“I love painting and learning about better methods to do so,” Thurley said. “I think that this has been really beneficial to me in determining what I want to do after I graduate.”

SA/VS gave prospective students the opportunity to learn, grow and express themselves in an inclusive, encouraging environment. No matter where their specific artistic interests and strengths lie, the students who participated in the workshop events got the opportunity to see creativity, to see art and to see blue, all in the most creative and expressive space on Kentucky’s campus.