Chris Stapleton plays ‘special’ concert at his sold-out hometown show


Chris Stapleton prepares to perform a concert on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Jordan Prather | Staff

Myia Pretty

Chris Stapleton sold out Rupp Arena on Oct. 27, blowing away fans with his hit songs, bringing the energy of Rupp to an all-time high. 

Opening acts Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives and Brent Cobb and his band started the night off right with their fancy suits and country music that brought the audience to its feet.

The arena was completely roaring with energy as Stapleton and his band stepped on stage.

One fan was so thrilled that he was identified in the crowd as having one of the best tattoos ever, causing Stapleton to pull him on stage to show the crowd. The fan had a tattoo of Chris Stapleton on his thigh that was big enough for all of Rupp to see.

Fans were going wild when Stapleton and his band started performing their favorite songs. They were up on their feet dancing the night away with smiles spreading across the arena with happiness and anticipation for each song.

Stapleton blew the crowd away when he began singing the introduction of his band members as the beat of his hit song “Tennessee Whiskey” started playing. People instantly started getting up on their feet ready to sing the night away.

One audience member raved about how thrilling it was to see Stapleton introduce his band members.

“My favorite part about this concert was when Chris Stapleton went around and introduced the members of his band with the beat of ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ playing in the background,” said Ryan Carrington.

Others were so in awe of the song that they instantly started dancing and singing the song even before Stapleton started to perform it. People in the pit were dancing the night away with eagerness for their favorite song to begin.

One audience member was raving about how standing in the pit of this concert was like no other concert she had been to.

“Everyone in the pit was so nice and welcoming. It made the concert even more special because it was like dancing with a group of family,” said Mallory Daniel.

People were chanting C-A-T-S for Stapleton to let him know that he was in Wildcat nation, and it made him feel at home even more because he is a native of Lexington.

Stapleton even made the comment, “All of these people are my cousins,” and the crowd went wild as the excitement from that statement spread across the arena.

It was truly a night full of laughter, dancing, singing and county music for the county-loving folks out there. It was truly an inspiration to see the love of music bring a family-like bond between the audience members and Stapleton. This was a night that country music lovers wouldn’t have wanted to miss.