UnderGrass hip-hop showcase brought ‘heat’ to Heritage Hall


Toni Bean was one of many artists who performed at the UnderGrass hip-hop showcase.

Myia Pretty

Up-and-coming artists from Louisville to Lexington came out to Lexington Convention Center Heritage Hall on Saturday night to give a crowd a little taste of their music and showcase their talent.

Fans came from all over to see the talented artists take over the stage with their new music. Heritage Hall was bumping from the beat of the music to the artists showcasing their rapping skills. The crowd cheered and hyped up the artists as the night went by.

Fans who had followed the new artists since way back raved about their amazing talent and how exciting it was going to be to see them perform on a live stage for all to see.

“I came here to see the talented Jacob Porter because I have followed him since when he first started making music and I can’t wait to see his talent live,” said Shelby Craig, junior arts and business major at Asbury University.

McCall Anglin, Berea College junior whose stage name is NVRMNDFRVR, was one of the featured artists of the night. Anglin had some fans who shared what they were expecting from his performance.

“I came out to see McCall do his thing and I’m ready to see him bring some heat to the stage along from all the other artist as well,” said Trayon Trigg.

“I came here to see McCall and I am excited to see these performances live as this will be my first concert that I have ever been to,” said Lisa Reitze.

Another artist of the night, YNL Capone, whose real name is Paul Corio, thought the showcase was good for both him and the community.

“I honestly believe it pushed the hip-hop culture of Lexington one step forward. It was beautiful,” Corio said. “The UnderGrass was able to put us artist in a position to showcase our talents, gain experience and develop connections all in one night. I’m personally looking forward to more events like this in the future. Our city needs it, for the culture.”

The space of the showcase was so big that one of the artists, Toni Bean, skated through the venue on his gold skateboard. Bean was easily one of the youngest performers of the night and is a freshman at BCTC. For his set, he performed his songs Black Dynamite and Starry Night, along with several others he had poured his love for music into.

“I got into the music industry my sophomore year of high school when my best friend and I wrote our first song together. The song instantly hit over a thousand likes in just one day and the music vibe just continued from that day on,” Bean said.

Not only were the musical artists performing but the Implicit Dance Crew from UK turned the whole vibe of Heritage Hall up with its hot dance moves. The showcase was energetic, casual and just a good time with the artists mingling with each other and their fans as they came off the stage.

The night was truly young in Lexington on Saturday night thanks to these new artists performing at Heritage Hall.