Late nights at UK: lots of studying, lots of breakfast

Late Night Breakfast had more than just food. Caricatures were one among many other attractions at the event.

Addison Lander

From 9 p.m. to midnight on April 26, one could hear music and see colorful lights as they approached The 90. The music and lights were a part of Late Night Breakfast hosted by the Student Activities Board.

Advertised as a time to come get free food, there was much more available at the event, although there were several stations that served various kinds of breakfast foods, ranging from pancakes to biscuits and gravy to even loaded tater tots.

Among the festivities, the SAB invited a caricature artist; set up a photo booth, complete with props; and had a station where students could make their own custom foam smartphone wallet. In addition to all of this, students were given the chance to enter a raffle for a Nintendo Switch.

The event was set up to be a sort of miniature Crunch Brunch, an event that occurs in the fall semester as finals week approaches.

Although this was only the second year for the Late Night Breakfast, according to the Director of Traditions and event coordinator Bailey Veith, the number of students who appeared the first year reached over a thousand, and this year’s event approached the same number, if not surpassing it. Veith mentioned that, with a full 45 minutes remaining in the event, well over 900 students had already appeared, and new students were regularly appearing.

“[The event] gives students a way to…get a good meal in… and take a study break,” said Veith, a junior nursing student who joined the SAB as a freshman.

She also noted that in the days leading up to finals week, students will often skip meals and stay up rather late studying in an attempt to further prepare for their exams, although this is not necessarily healthy. The breakfast was designed to allow students to have a chance to breathe and hang out with friends in an environment that emphasized this atmosphere of easy-going relaxation.

Fifth-year senior and psychology major MadaLynne Carpenter agreed, saying how it is important to let loose and remember to have a good time even now as finals week is upon us. This event, she said, was a good occasion to do just that. It was also good for destressing and, especially for underclassmen, making some new friends, with reference to the open and social nature of the event.

Although the event focused on relaxing and taking a break from studying, some students still insisted on studying away while they enjoyed their meal, even with the music and chatter going on all around them.

Josh Metzmeier, a freshman double majoring in biology and neuroscience, was one of those students, working on a chemistry assignment to prepare for his final in the coming week. Regardless of his work, though, he pointed out that the event was, “making [him] feel like summer’s coming on,” and that he “appreciates the vibe.”