Incident shed light on UK’s parking woes

Following Sunday’s match against No. 22 Florida, women’s volleyball coach Craig Skinner offered to pay the parking citations for all of the attendees ticketed. Skinner said the most important thing was that the fans supported the team and that he would gladly have paid for each $25 ticket for the 178 citations, which would have […]

­­­Bible’s teachings outdated, hypocritical

Column by Nate Kremer I am writing this in response to Joseph Green’s column in Tuesday’s Kernel. In his article, he asserts that President-elect Barack Obama’s morals do not align with Christian morals. While I allow thoughtful Christians to debate this assertion, I, in turn, am thankful that Obama’s morals do not come from the […]

Kentucky felons have lost voting rights for a reason

I’m appalled that Joe Gallenstein advocates permitting felons to vote. These are drunk drivers, murderers, rapists and child abusers who have already demonstrated their lack of responsibility and disregard for the laws of civilized society. Why should these criminals be allowed to help choose the people who will make the laws they willfully disobeyed? When […]

UK should focus on beneficial safety updates

UK finally has its heart in the right place with an effort in the direction of improving campus safety. But the administration might be a step ahead of itself in safety priorities. A campus-wide card swiping system is being discussed by UK, but at this time it would be a misguided use of university funds. […]

Citizens who cannot vote need their voices heard

Column by Joe Gallenstein This year, we saw a triumph of democracy, as not only did the number of new voters surge, but we also saw many people voting for the first time. We saw people all across the country celebrate democracy, join together and make their voices heard. A majority of Americans came together […]

Government must protect minority rights, not limit them

I am one of what appears to be a dying breed in the United States— those citizens who consider themselves both Christians and political liberals. As such, the opinions expressed by Joseph Green in his article regarding Barack Obama’s moral values trouble me for several reasons. I strongly support the rights of the people to […]