Obama’s change will take time, party cooperation

On Tuesday, Americans had the chance to participate in a historic election. Barack Obama was elected as our 44th president and is the first African American to hold that office. To this editorial board’s pleasure, a record number of voters came to the polls because they wanted — even needed — change. Whether or not […]

Welcome change in new administration

Column by Wes Robinson I realize that I live in a state where Barack Obama did not carry the majority of the popular vote. I realize that there are major ideological, moral and cultural differences between Obama and most people in Kentucky and other, more conservative parts of the nation. What I don’t realize is […]

Forget Wall St., educational bailout needed

Anytime more funding flows into the state, the responsible officials deserve to be commended. As the state’s budget continues to be cut, every little bit helps. Gov. Steve Beshear recently announced more than $14 million in federal funding will go to Kentucky high schools and universities. The portion of the funding that deals with higher […]

Kernel should carefully place front page content

First, let me start out by saying that I applaud the Kernel for its Pacemaker award. It is awesome to know that my college newspaper is nationally known and recognized. However, even award-winning papers have their occasional mistakes, and I would classify the article written and placed on the front page of the Oct. 29 […]

College students, we don’t vote

Until students carry through, we will never have a voice Good effort so far, but the race isn’t over. Despite the record number of voter registrations this year, it will take one more step to prove to everyone that college students are for real this time. All of the campaign T-shirts, bumper stickers and YouTube […]

Forget numbers, voting is your patriotic duty

Column by Tim Riley Tuesday, millions of people will go to their local polling place and cast their vote for our next president. At that same time, many other millions will opt to spend their potential ballot time taking a refreshing nap. In recent years, there has been a massive push to convince this second […]

Candidate endorsements

President: John McCain — Barack Obama Sen. Barack Obama is the better candidate over Sen. John McCain for several reasons, but education tops the list. First, Obama’s plans are more specific. There are generalities in both candidates’ education plans, but Obama’s plan gives more detail about how to achieve his goals. He saw the shortcomings […]