Private donors need to be swayed to give to those in need

I have a hard time believing Joe B. Hall Wildcat Lodge is in need of refurbishing, and would be surprised to find anyone who disagrees. I realize the school doesn’t control where private gifts are directed, but an additional $1.5 million seems like an unnecessarily extravagant amount of money to be spent on athletes’ living […]

Kernel cartoon

Melissa Vessels, Kernel cartoonist

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A disability must not hold student back from passion

According to Patty Bender, the assistant vice president of the Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity department at UK, Jena Richards is not deaf. This, of course, comes as news to Richards, who requires a cochlear implant and the assistance of an interpreter to hear as well as others do. The implant helps her hear only […]

Article incorrectly portrays Adderall and its dangers

I recently read the article titled “The Extra Edge — More Students are Searching for Adderall.” I was a bit confused by the cavalier attitudes expressed in the article. The article seems to imply that the illicit use of prescription stimulants is safe and poses no risk to students. Methylphenidate (Ritalin®) and amphetamine (ADDERALL® and […]

UK Hospital tobacco ban nothing but a smoke screen

Recently, UK Healthcare imposed a ban on smoking and eliminated the designated smoking areas off of hospital property. This is a positive and forward-thinking move that will undoubtedly help with the air quality and the overall cleanliness of the hospital campus. However, as reported in last Thursday’s Kernel, the tenor of the effected may not […]

Research must remain a top priority for the university

On Tuesday, Dec. 2, the Kernel editorial board suggested that, in the face of statewide budget shortfalls, a sensible cut would be research.  Aside from the exclusion of the fact that undergraduates are involved in research as well as graduates, the editorial said, “this research has little effect on the students.” Clearly, this idea neglects […]

Administration’s false security systems inexcusable

When it comes to safety at UK, campus leaders all have an opinion on what should be done to make students as safe as possible. They all also have a finger pointed at someone else when asked who is responsible for the lack of attention and effort in monitoring campus safety. The Kernel reported that […]