Exercise your right at the polls on Election Day

People say that records are kept to praise those that set them and to acknowledge that the record itself is meant to be broken. On Oct. 16, the Kernel reported that during the primary election season, Kentuckians set a record by having the largest number of people in the state’s history come out and register […]

Dialogue between students, leaders essential for change

Column by Tyler Montell Fear no more. Mona and the security crew will no longer be kicking you out of the library at 2 a.m., as it switched back to 24-hours a day, five-days a week on October 19. We’re not suggesting that Keeneland or SEC football are reasons, but if, hypothetically, you have found […]

UK must be m­­ore welcoming of diversity

Enrollment of African-American students at UK has increased this year by 1 percent. While I can’t deny the increase is a step in the right direction of a more diverse campus, I can’t help but think that the increase is just pacifying the problem and not truly bringing a solution. An increase of 1 percent […]

Democrats will fight for middle-class Americans

Column by Joe Gallenstein I am proud to write here as what Rep. Robert Wexler of Florida would call a “fire-breathing liberal.” I write every week in an attempt not just to promote the Democratic Party, but also to promote policies from the government that will ensure we all are protected by the law. I […]

SG showed a lack of thought with resolution

Good intentions are fine and well, but without a plan of action, those intentions are quickly wasted away or even lost. The Student Government senators certainly know this. That was evidenced by their vote on the green fee resolution on Oct. 8. On an issue for which SG was supposedly so enthusiastic, it only passed […]

Getting involved will enhance your college experience at UK

Column by Wesley Robinson It is no secret that we come to college to learn. The mission of any higher-education institution is to prepare its students for “the real world,” giving us a greater level of skills in order to reach higher rungs of social arrival. We pay to go to college so that we […]

SG election turnout a big disappointment

It couldn’t have been any easier. You didn’t have to leave your dorm room and drive to a poll. No complicated forms, no strange codes; just a UK login. If it was this easy, then why did only 530 freshmen vote in the Student Government Freshmen Election? Two campaigns, comprised of seven Senate candidates, used […]

Fans should show more support for Cats

Saturday night was nothing less than chilly. Not only was there a chill in the air, but in the attitudes of the fans as well. The first three quarters were slow, full of penalties and little offensive success for the Cats. But instead of encouraging the team, the fans chose to sit and do nothing. […]