No matter the situation, family is the best holiday gift

This is the beginning of a series of pro/con columns that will appear on the Kernel opinions page every other Thursday. We want to know your stance. E-mail RELATED STORY: Endless array of questions, choas can ruin seasonal cheer Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than time spent with the family. Argue all you […]

Columnist’s views of livestock production misinformed

Tim Riley’s column in the Dec. 1 Kernel demonstrates a lack of knowledge about animal agriculture. Riley implies that current methods of livestock production and harvest practices are inhumane. In fact, every aspect of animal harvest is monitored by USDA inspectors to ensure humane treatment of animals and the safety of the food product entering […]

Lexington should refocus funding for Equestrian Games

As we near the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian games, it is commonplace for horses to have significantly better accommodations than humans. Horse racing is an inherent characteristic of Kentucky, but we need to get our priorities straight. There is a problem when the state is spending $29 million — yes, $29 million dollars — […]

Diversity funding should be placed to have greater impact on students

For the last few years, our campus has been overwhelmed with talk about the Top 20 Business Plan set out by UK President Lee Todd. Lately, the school’s focus averted toward the diversity aspects of that 2020 goal. Recently, UK combined two separate commissions to form the Commission on Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion, according to […]

Citizens must learn to respect differing opinions, one another

Column by Taylor Shelton The past several weeks have brought an extremely interesting set of debates to the pages of the Kernel and the Web site comments that accompany the online edition. In fact, I find it delightful to see a sustained debate over issues that are of some importance — whether they are important […]

Bush administration accomplished exactly what they wanted

Jacob Sims, I live out of town but was in Lexington recently and picked up a copy of the Kernel. Upon reading the headline of your column, I immediately guessed that you were an unhappy Republican. It’s disappointing to see a few Republicans expressing their unhappiness with Barack Obama’s election and, in doing so, hindering […]

UK must allocate cuts in budget with extra care

“Let me be clear: I’m talking about cuts that will bring pain.” Gov. Steve Beshear’s words rang out at the end of November and sent every state agency running for cover. Kentucky faces a shortfall of more than $450 million for the fiscal year, Beshear announced on Nov. 21, meaning mid-year cuts are possible for […]

Sexual orientation should not factor into recruiting of military personnel

Column by Joe Gallenstein With the release of the film “Milk” there has been an increased discussion about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning rights, and thankfully it looks like some progress is going to be made toward equality. Americans as a whole are realizing that gay rights are not special rights. They are equal […]

Holidays are really about giving back

Column by Wesley Robinson With the economy as bad is it is this year, not only is it important to be a smart consumer/shopper, but it is also important to be even more charitable than ever. Most college students are a lot more fortunate than the people really being hit by the economic recession, and […]