New coach’s salary doesn’t affect economy

This is written in response to Stacie Schultz’s opinion piece titled “Even for a fan, Calipari’s salary too much.” While it may be worthy to say that no single person needs $30 million, it is irrelevant when a basketball coach’s salary is compared to academic scholarships, dorms and professors. Not that it makes much of […]

Rules make sure slaughter in meat industry is humane

Upon reading the Kernel on Thursday, I felt compelled to respond to the content of Ryan Huling’s letter regarding animal slaughter. I have witnessed animal slaughter personally and am familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the process. Every animal that is slaughtered in the U.S. must be rendered insensible to pain prior to slaughter […]

Neighborhood facelift offers a real chance at economic development

With the help of Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, residents of one area of town will be able to start making a better life for themselves. In a Thursday Kernel article, a section of Lexington known as Davis Bottom, an area containing a small neighborhood of houses located near UK’s campus, was highlighted as a part […]

Peace with Palestine is possible, but Israel must make sacrifices

Column by Derek Brown On Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as prime minister of Israel. Before the swearing in, Netanyahu pledged that his government would work towards peace with the Palestinians on economic and security issues. “I am telling the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, if you really want peace, it is possible,” he […]

Calipari’s salary is unfair to Kentucky

President Todd, In a year where you and the Commonwealth’s leaders have blathered on about belt-tightening and budget cuts, how on earth do you justify paying Calipari more than any coach in college basketball has ever made? More than any employee in the Commonwealth has ever made? How will you justify it to students and […]

Campus organization must be more visible to make a difference

Monday night, UK was flowing with green dots and candles as students marched around campus and sat at the Memorial Hall Amphitheater to speak out against violence at Take Back the Night. Take Back the Night is a national event that began in the 1970s. The event was hosted by the Violence Intervention and Prevention […]

Twitter allows 140-character look into the lives of celebrities


This is a series of pro/con columns that will appear on the Kernel opinions page every other Thursday. We want to know your stance. E-mail RELATED STORY: Social networking site another distraction, stalking tool In a world of social networking, nothing is quite like Twitter. In fact, these two sentences clearly fit into 140 […]