The not so ‘Fine Line’ between loving and hating Harry Styles


Nia Chancellor, Reporter

It’s time we finally talk about it. What makes Harry Styles so popular? What makes his fans ride or die for him? 

Is it his music, his looks or his personality? I think it’s all of the above and so much more.

Harry Styles is a very charismatic person, which is one of the reasons why I developed my interest in him years ago when he was in One Direction. 

I think his fans, myself included, tend to be so devoted to him because he quite literally minds his business and is a good person.

Saying he’s a good person may sound silly since I don’t know him personally; however, being a fan of his for over a decade now, I can confidently say that I trust my judgment.

When I say he minds his business, I mean he is pretty inactive on social media, unless he’s on tour or promoting his work. 

He doesn’t share much of his personal life on social media.

He does use his platform for good, especially when it comes to social issues and basic human rights, which is the bare minimum, but simply reposting a fundraiser on his page will automatically encourage people to donate. This can help people who need it and advocate for a good cause.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and say that’s all performative activism. Well, in the summer of 2020 when people around the country were having Black Lives Matter protests, Styles attended one in California. 

He didn’t post about going, and he actually had his face covered with a bandana. People there just happened to recognize him.

Some of his friends he attended with posted about it after and thanked him for joining. Styles also donated to bail funds for protesters

Whenever this happened, I felt so much gratitude towards him. I felt seen, and it felt like a moment where I was supported by someone who I’ve looked up to my entire life. 

Styles is also a very personable, confident person. His concerts are famous for featuring the star interacting with his fans — singing happy birthday to them, thanking them for traveling great lengths just for him and encouraging people to be themselves and have as much fun as they want. 

Going to a Harry Styles concert is definitely an experience I feel like everyone should have at least once. He is very entertaining, and he will continuously thank the audience for giving up their time to see him.

Styles genuinely radiates kindness, which is fitting considering his “Treat People With Kindness” slogan and song.

I’m saying all these nice things about Styles, so how can people hate him? 

I feel like a lot of people just pick on him and look for little things about the artist to hate on because he’s wildly popular and successful. 

Styles’ clothes and sexuality tend to be hot topics among nonfans for some bizarre reason. 

People are weirdly obsessed with knowing his sexuality and who he’s dating — both of which are no one’s business. 

Something I tend to hear is “He’s not the first person to dress like that,” in reference to his often gender-fluid style.

That’s completely true; however, Styles has never said he was the first. People of color like Prince and Michael Jackson are well-known in our history to go against society’s gender roles. 

Styles’ music is also just enjoyable, uplighting and comforting to listen to.

All in all: praising Harry Styles is so fun for me.