Big family at the Little Market

Bryce Towle, Photographer

Through the twists, turns, ups and downs of Bald Knob road, you’ll find yourself “a pitstop” — this country oasis some call home.

They call them locals. The everyday men, women, and children that stop by the local Bald Knob Little Market call this place a second home. Characterized by the familiar faces of locals, owners Dan Midkiff and Katie Clark ask their favorite quote: “Why go into town?”

Nearly 100 years ago when the Little Market opened, it was named Wrights Grocery, consisting of local tobacco farmers holding store credit and selling their tobacco to the residents of Frankfort.

Five years ago, two entrepreneurs, Midkiff and Clark, decided to buy Wrights Grocery and follow their dreams of owning a small local store.

“Isn’t that every man’s dream?” Midkiff asked.

Local loggers greet Midkiff and Clark before the rooster crows to grab themselves a free cup of coffee. Early risers can expect the Little Market to be crowded with blue-collar natives cracking jokes and conversing about the rich history of the community.

“It ain’t like no big city man, I bet you could walk up to any one of these houses and they’d feed you dinner,” local Mike Stanley said.

“We’re doing God’s work,” Dan said as he explained the loud constant hum attributed to the free-to-use air compressor.

Locals use the retro fuel dispensers around the shop to fill their cars but also to get a classic taste of what it might have been like years ago.

“My heart is in the country and I’ve gotten to know a lot more people just by coming in here on Wednesdays,” Rachel Clark said, daughter of Katie Clark.