Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions on a Budget

Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions on a Budget

Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions on a Budget

(StatePoint) Whether your New Year’s Resolutions include eating healthier, exercising more, or devoting more time to self-care, having a plan can help you reach your goals on a budget.

This new year, consider the following tips from the experts at Dollar General:

Healthier Eating

Preparing food that is healthier, tasty and affordable is easier when sticking to recipes and a budget. To help customers make healthier decisions, Dollar General partnered with a registered dietician and nutritionist to create “Better For You” recipes from ingredients available at every Dollar General store. The complete collection can be found at, and includes simple, budget-friendly recipes, such as loaded egg muffins, roasted broccoli almondine and secret ingredient brownies, making it easy to whip up something delicious and nutritious at each meal.


A healthy dose of self-care can make you happier and healthier. Self-care may include adopting a new hair care routine, experimenting with skin care products, or learning a new recipe. It may also mean taking time to meditate, read new books or spend less time on electronics and more time with friends and family. Be sure to dedicate time on the calendar every day to self-care.  

Smart Saver

To begin 2022 with a fresh perspective on finances, make a budget that includes household essentials. While food is one budget line item that can fluctuate, you can be sure to save by taking advantage of retailers’ apps that help you shop savvy. For example, the Dollar General app includes digital coupons, a Shopping List feature so you can take note of needed items and calculate the estimated total before going to the store, and a Cart Calculator feature, which keeps a running total of purchases while you’re in the store. Understanding budgets, sale items and available digital coupons before shopping can help keep you from overspending and hopefully support your financial stability goals.

Regardless of your plans for the new year, adopting a few smart strategies can help ensure you meet your goals affordably.


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