Former Kentucky player Dre’Una Edwards calls on Elzy to resolve eligibility issue at Baylor


Kentucky forward Dre’una Edwards (44) reacts to a foul call during the Kentucky vs. Princeton womens basketball game in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana. Princeton won 69-62. Photo by Jack Weaver | Kentucky Kernel

Tyler Russell, Reporter

Former Wildcats forward Dre’Una Edwards has released a statement directed at Kentucky womens basketball head coach Kyra Elzy regarding her eligibility at Baylor University.

There seemed to be some confusion among Baylor fans as Edwards has not played a minute this season for the Bears. How could such an elite player not see the court?

Edwards came out with a statement and gave fans the answers they were looking for.

“I know there have been a lot of questions about my eligibility and why I am not playing, and I want to give an explanation why,” Edwards wrote in a statement posted on social media with the hashtag “#FreeDree.” “I left Kentucky because I personally decided that I needed a new start. I gave all that I had to Kentucky and wore the uniform with pride. But I wanted a change because I knew a change would be great for me.”

Edwards goes on to explain how she needs Elzy’s signature to become eligible to play at Baylor.

“The next and final step is for Kentucky and head women’s basketball coach Kyra Elzy to sign off on a final waiver. I was hopeful Kentucky would sign off to let me complete this season, as they have told me before that they hope nothing but the best for me. But instead, they will not sign the waiver. With that being said, this is where I stand now in hopes that they change their mind.”

Elzy commented on the situation in a press conference on Jan. 6.

“We were asked by Baylor to sign an NCAA No Participation Opportunity form, certifying that Dre’una Edwards would not have had an opportunity to participate if she had stayed at Kentucky. That is not correct,” Elzy said. “Dre’una would have had the opportunity to participate had stayed. Dre, Baylor and every other school that contacted us had the understanding that she would not be able to play right away because she did not graduate.”

Rules pertaining to multiple transfers is something that the NCAA most recently reviewed.

“The board opted not to enact a new exception to the transfer rules that would allow student-athletes to transfer multiple times and be immediately eligible,” an Aug. 31 NCAA article states.

Edwards was a key player for the Wildcats last season as she sank a 3-pointer to win the SEC Tournament championship last March, knocking off the one seeded South Carolina Gamecocks.

Edwards was a hero for the Cats and Elzy as she secured the Cats first conference title since 1982.

Ten months later, it seems as if the hero’s status has declined.

On March 25, 2022, the Las Vegas native announced that she would be leaving Kentucky for another school to finish her career. On April 27, Edwards committed to Baylor.

“I would just ask, what’s the reason?” Edwards told The Next. “And why is she (Elzy) doing this? What does she feel she is getting out of this? I say that would be my question.”

The issue remains ongoing.