Pedal to the metal: The trend of cycling at UK


Maria Rauh

Students attend a morning cycling class at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, at Alumni Gym in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Maria Rauh | Staff

Savannah Garnett, Reporter

Taking cycling classes has sparked the interest of many around the United States, as well as specifically on the University of Kentucky’s campus.

Cycling classes are a type of exercise done on a stationary bike. Each workout involves going at different paces and momentum while also changing the pedals’ resistance. Most classes take place in a gym with an instructor and run for an hour or less.

“I just started cycling about a month ago, and I cycle two to four times a week,” Ainsley Lucus, a freshman social work major from Dublin, Ohio, said. “It’s definitely become more popular in the past year, and since I have started I have seen new people in my on campus classes each time.”

Alumni Gym Fitness Center and the Johnson Center offer cycling classes to all UK students. The date and time for each class can be found at each center, as well as on the UK Calendar website.

Many students have enjoyed having access to cycling classes that would be harder to access otherwise.

“I like cycling because it makes me feel good and gets me into a routine for the day,” McKenna Green, a freshman psychology and neuroscience major, said. “I usually go with my friends, which helps motivate me. We get to push each other and help support each other throughout the class.”

Multiple students have had similar feelings toward cycling. It is starting to become part of a weekly routine for people. Green said that working out has always been popular, but lately, there has been a rise in cycling workouts.

“I think this is a trend because it’s something anyone can do; even if you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before,” Green said.

Part of the rise of cycling classes is mainly due to the simplicity of it. The gym can be an intimidating place, and cycling is seen as a more comfortable and safer workout choice. Specifically, at UK, each class is guided by an instructor, which also adds some relief to many.

Club Industry, an online news fitness website, found that the trend of cycling is because of the familiarity that comes with it.

“People generally know what they are going to get from an indoor cycling class, so the intimidation barrier is lifted more so than with other classes,” Chris Stanton, a Wattbike master trainer, said on the website.

Other than being seen as popular and fun, there are also major health benefits of cycling. The Better Health Channel found that cycling benefits cardiovascular muscles, increases joint mobility and strengthens bones. Cycling can also lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression.

Many are finding that cycling is the exercise option that they need to get started. Those who participate are finding benefits that keep them going back.