Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ offers reflection and vulnerability


Gracie Moore, Reporter

Taylor Swift needed an era of healing and reflection, and “Midnights” accomplished that and more. The anticipation was built up beautifully: between the slow release of song titles and lyrics being plastered around the world, Swift sure knows how to drop an album.

Her 10th studio album was released at midnight on Oct. 21, breaking multiple records including the most streamed album and artist in a single day on Spotify.

Swift is known for her eras: “Reputation” was her comeback and revenge album, while “folklore” and “Evermore” drifted from her own life into storytelling. “Midnights” begins a chapter of reflecting without dwelling on past mistakes.

The genre changes with the new era. It diverged from the melancholy, indie feel of “folklore” and “Evermore.” While her stunning lyricism still stands, “Midnights” incorporates techno-pop, synthesizers and vocal effects like she’s never done before. It sounds like a futuristic combination of “1989” and “Reputation,” which are two of my personal favorites, so the genre switch did not disappoint me.

The most unique aspect of “Midnights” is the call-backs to previous songs and albums. Each song hints of a past era, whether that be in lyrics or the sound.

The first song of the album has been the most obvious ‘sister song’; the tone of “Lavender Haze” fits perfectly with “I Think He Knows” off of her 2019 album “Lover.”

The track “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” off of her 3 a.m. bonus edition has lyrical reflection on Swift’s past relationship with John Mayer. In the song she says she “never would’ve danced with the devil at nineteen.” “Dear John” off of “Speak Now” was the first song about her relationship with Mayer and its dramatic ending, but the new song about the relationship shifts from dwelling to trying to heal and move on.

Overall, it’s a solid album. Per usual, amazing lyricism aided by Jack Antonoff’s outstanding producing has created yet another hit album.

The unique thing about this album is that every song could have been used in a different era, feeding on her tagline that it’s a ‘collection of sleepless nights.’

“Lavender Haze” easily could have been on “Lover.” Not only does it sound extremely similar to “I Think He Knows,” but the upbeat, cheeky lyrics fit right into the 2019 record.

“Midnights” is real and it’s vulnerable. She divulges into her frequent thoughts of revenge, confidence issues and past relationships. This album is a way for her to reflect on her past while moving forward and healing.

With the catchy vocals and relatable lyrics, “Midnights” has the potential to win Taylor Swift many more awards and to break many more records.

Now, we wait for a tour announcement and hope we can get tickets. Good luck, Swifties.