No beans about it, free burritos uninspiring

While the fervent debate over what restaurant serves the best burritos shall proceed indefinitely, I am fairly certain that the name Moe’s shall not be mentioned in such a discussion.

Some love Chipotle, others are more partial towards Qdoba, but I would be shocked after a recent experience of mine if anyone can say they prefer Moe’s.

On Sept. 12, I was innocently tricked into attending their “Free Burrito” holiday. I had attended a similar event at Chipotle the week before, wherein I waited fifteen to twenty minutes for a burrito of decent quality and a rather acceptable price. Sadly all Moe’s had to offer was a forty five minute wait for a burrito that contained less flavor than a slab of cardboard.

One of my closest friends commented afterwards “at least it was free”, but sadly that is not the case.

Had I spent an hour working a job with a decent wage, I could have made enough money to purchase a burrito from Chipotle, something that would have actually given me the satisfaction of the six dollars I earned in the hour I worked.

Instead, I spent an hour in a line, alone, regretting ever getting invited on Facebook to “free burrito day”.

Patrick Kenkel

Marketing sophomore